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Redefining Saturday Morn Cartoons

Drawing out the pathway downstream of the TNF-alpha receptor to show how the loop is perpetuated. Pink and blue are outcomes that are important to me.


Writing Mission Revised

I started this blog about a year ago for my social media class. It’s supposed to be used to practice communicating science to the public, but truthfully I’ve never had trouble communicating what I do with others. The people who want to know, I work very hard to explain it to. Otherwise I don’t want to bore you. I talk A LOT, but when I write, I tend to only answer a given question with the information needed. So blogging has been difficult for me. I think I’m finally starting to shape up what I want this blog to be though. I want to use it to convey what I find beautiful and what I find distressing in the world.

My world is infinitesimally small and is mostly confined to science and my loved ones so almost all that I share centers around them. I tend to share images of the things that I find beautiful and I will try to share those here, but otherwise you can find them on my pinterest site at: (mostly not science related).

What I find distressing in science is continued gender biased, hierarchy, and general bullying. I believe that everyone’s thoughts should be heard with an open mind. Heard and given the weight that it deserves which goes both ways. A young, female scientist may have a fabulous idea or a terrible one. So may an old, white male. I believe good ideas should be rewarded and bad ideas should be worked over. If we pinpoint problem areas, bad ideas can be turned around and can be used as teaching/learning opportunities. These are the general beliefs that I hold that will resonate throughout my writing. Happy reading!

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.~Albert Einstein

Who am I reaching?

My fb feed yesterday was filled with wishes of happy pi day. I love pi day, I love pie and I like math. I then realized, everyone else on my feed does too. So who am I reaching when I post? Most of my friends think the same way that I do. Am I changing anyone’s mind? Not really, at least not using my social media. But I make friends pretty much every day and I’d like to think that I give them a good impression of scientists as a species.